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Let Your Precious Images Come Alive with True3D® Photo !

Here are common reactions when people see our True3D® Photos for the first time: "Amazing!", "Wow!", "Stunning!", "It's floating in front of me!", "She's inside this picture!", "I can't believe my eyes", "It's beautiful!", "That's incredible!"

Unlike the mass production of our product offering, True3D® is a one off limited edition of your photo. All you need is to submit a memorable photo of yours and we will conduct a free image evaluation for you. If you photo qualifies for True3D® it will be carefully crafted by our renown lenticular 3D master Mr. Johnny Ye. Mr. Ye's work has been exhibited in famous art galleries and museums. Celebrities such as Tiger Woods and jazz player Oscar Peterson are all admirers of True3D® Photo.

Below is a sample of a True3D® Photo animated
to demonstrate the 3D look and feel.


Watch the Flash video below to get a
feel of how realistic True3DPhotos are.


Free 2D Image Evaluation Before Buying & Why?

As amazing as a True3D® Photo can be, it is not without its limitations and that's why we offer free 2D image evaluation because not every photo is a good candidate for True3D® Photo conversion.

A True3D® Photo conversion is like making a sculpture; we call this process "optical sculpture". It would be difficult to sculpt a statue out of a photo if the original portrait of the main subject is too small or if it is unclear.

The BEST types of photos True3D® Photo conversion are:

The following types of photos may NOT be the best candidate for a True3D® Photo conversion:

True3D® Photo Price List

Product Price
4" x 6" (no mat) $49.99
5" x 7" $59.99
8" x 10" $79.99
12" x 16" $139.99
24" x 36" $499.99
48" x 96 " $1500.00
Made in USA All True3D® Photos are 100% Made in the USAMade in USA