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Lenticular Printing - CD Jewel Case Insert

When put on the same shelf, what makes your CDs stand out when competing with other products? 3D Lenticular Printing is the answer! Your CDs will not only stand out, they will "pop out."

Think you need to be big and famous to have lenticular printing for your CDs? It used to be true. But not any more! ViCGI is the first to make lenticular CD inserts affordable even for indie musicians. Our experienced lenticular printing experts will help you create impressive lenticular CD inserts without the big design house price tag.

All lenticular printing effects such as 3D, Animation, Flip, Morph, and Zoom can be used on CD jewel case inserts.

Combined with the CD Replication service offered by New Cyberian you are getting the best value for your CD products.

CD Jewel Case Insert Example

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