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“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” -- Vince Lombardi


Visual Creative Graphics Innovations (or ViCGI) is an American owned 3-D design and software company in San Jose California surrounded by other innovative companies in Silicon Valley. We are proud to be the industry leader in 3D printing and glasses-free or glassesless 3D video.

ViCGI is driven by our commitment to deliver the best quality products at the most affordable price with excellent customer service. Our professional team is here to serve your promotional and marketing needs by providing you with the best products from the 3D World that give excitement, invite attention, and convey precise messages.

If you are ready to start a 3D printing project, please check out our Workflow page for the process. We will be happy to help prepare all the necessary images. All you need is to provide us 2-D digital files in any graphics formats with at least 300 dpi.


Simply put, a 3-D lenticular print (or Stereoscopic Printing) is any image that is directly printed (by inkjet or offset) on or laminated on a plastic sheet which has an array of small lens called lenticules. This kind of 3D picture can be viewed by human eyes without any special optical device such as 3D glasses and hence it is also called an auto-stereoscopic image. 3D glasses are sometimes used to preview a 3D design in form of an anaglyph.

In addition to 3D images, lenticular printing can also render other effects such as Animation, Flip, Morph, and Zoom. Its applications include stickers and labels, posters, greeting cards, POP signs, refrigerator magnets, coasters, mouse pads, packaging boxes, bags, bookmarks, rulers, hang tags, CD jewel case inserts, DVD amaray case inserts, murals, book covers, displays, banners, duratrans, etc.

To learn more about lenticular printing please check out the articles in our tutorial section with easy to follow instructions. You can also find valuable information from Lenstar - an organization with sponsors promoting the industry.

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ViCGI skillfully employs state of the art software along with the traditional multiple camera approach to create stunning 3D images.

ViCGI crafts excellent, vivid prints. Experience, dedication, and meticulous attention to detail are the foundational values of ViCGI staff. With art and science combined, we make your products shine!

With clients all over the world in Australia, Canada, China, Demark, France, New Zealand, Norway, UK, and USA, VICGI is definitely the best company to work with, from concept development, designing, production, and even fullfilment.

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ViCGI has helped many clients accomplish their lenticular printing projects customized in various sizes and formats tailoring for tradeshow giveaway. Presenting here are some of our samples. We have definitely more successful stories to tell.

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3D Effect

3D effect is really the archetype application of lenticular printing. There are two methods to achieve the 3D effect; i.e. the pseudo 3D method by manipulating the depth of the artwork’s layers digitally, or the true 3D method by taking multiple pictures of a scene with a digital camera. For your reference, we have written two tutorials, namely Convert 2D images to 3D and 3D Lenticular Interlacing Algorithm Illustrated Using Photoshop for the true 3D method.

Making a stunning and relastic pseudo 3D print requires solid knowledge of 3D concept and many years of design and printing experience.

True3D®Photo is a very unique service we provide to convert your 2D picture into a 3D picture with realism by our mentor, a renowned 3-D master Mr. Johnny Ye.

morph effect
Morph Effect
Flip Effect
Zoom Effect
Animation Effect
3d effect
3D Effect